Liveblog: BRDI: Closing

I’m liveblogging the first meeting of the new Board on Research Data and Information today and yesterday. Standard liveblogging disclaimers apply. The presentation slides are on the meeting site. Because some of the slides are online, I’ll focus on what’s not on the slides.

Overview of COSEPUP report

Involving young investigators
(1) BRDI associates: integrate young researchers with these activities, in an informal way, to give them a chance to experience this
(2) establish prize in collaboration with CODATA for young researchers
(3) sponsor young researchers to come to meetings
(4) fellowships and internships

Could this lead to a recommendation that universities develop curricula in data science?

OECD Recommendation on Access to Data from Publicly Funded Research, and OECD Working Party on the Information Economy Working Groups and June 2008 Ministerial
Anita Eisenstadt, State Department

OECD has done 2 recommendations: on access to publicly-funded research data, and on PSI

Says that U.S. is further along with data policies than other OECD members. [Really? Wow. But policies are so nascent here.]

Access to research data at no more than marginal cost.
Q: What’s that mean?
A: Users aren’t responsible for the entire maintenance of the archive — just marginal cost of dissemination — not cost recovery.

Chile, trying to accede to OECD, is developing a new law. South Africa developed its law based on these recommendations.

EU was concerned that businesses were deriving value from PSI. [Oh noes! How terrible.]

EC considering whether to revise its directive based on OECD recommendations — meeting in March 2009.

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