Coming soon: More(?) of me running my mouth

I have more than 50 draft posts queued up on this blog. Some are quite old and stale at this point. Obviously, having so many posts in the queue isn’t helping anyone. If they’re to have any impact, I’ve got to get them posted.

So I’ll try with a public commitment — and encourage readers to hold me to this — to post at least once a week.

I append a ? to “more” in the title because, browsing over the archives for 2009 so far, it appears I’m averaging about a post per week already, excluding liveblogs and brief announcements. So I suppose I’m really just committing to maintain at least the volume and frequency so far.

I’ve got some pretty interesting stuff churning in the draft queue, so be on the lookout. At least, I think it’s interesting — hopefully you will too!

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