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Comments on the draft bylaws, the student free culture organization, released the second release candidate (RC2) of its bylaws last week. I am a board member of FC.o and was very involved in preparing RC2; I consider it my last effort as a member … Continue reading

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Going-away party: DC, 27 Sept.

I’m moving back to Florida from my current place in Washington, D.C. within two weeks. My friend Nicole was kind enough to organize a going-away party for me. It’s next Thursday evening, 27 September, at an Ethiopian restaurant (should be … Continue reading

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Sixteen and counting: sharing science on the Web

On August 6, 1991, a post to a Usenet newsgroup started a revolution. Today, the world is tantalizingly close to realizing the vision hinted at in that post to alt.hypertext sixteen years ago. Seeking a way to facilitate the sharing … Continue reading

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Let’s all sue Creative Commons: a defense, and suggestions for publicity et al.

I get a bit defensive when I see my friends getting sued – perhaps a little bit due to my loathing for the seemingly inevitable day when I, too, get sued. So I was irked when I heard this week … Continue reading

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Funder mandates and open access: states and universities

A lot of the momentum propelling the open access movement recently has come from self-archiving mandates from public funders of research – specifically, national-level government entities. Green funder mandates are easy to rally around, and very satisfying when they pass. … Continue reading

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wget logs are big

I had reason to download a large number of Web pages recursively, for reasons I’ll explain later. To make it work correctly required a lot of trial and error, and so to better understand what was happening, I started running: … Continue reading

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Opening education

I’m taking David Wiley‘s Introduction to Open Education class at Utah State University this semester. “But Gavin, didn’t you graduate?” Sure I did. But you’re never too old to learn, and when it comes to open education, I’ve got of … Continue reading

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WHO’s journal has backwards approach to open access

The World Health Organization, an agency of the United Nations, is ostensibly an organization dedicated to the public interest. The fourth point of the WHO agenda is “harnessing research, information and evidence”. In support of these goals, the agency publishes … Continue reading

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