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EPrints sells out free software: more Apple crippleware prizes

EPrints, the important FOSS open archive project — widely used by open access repositories — is organizing a call for plugins. Unfortunately, EPrints has followed Mozilla’s lead and is awarding DRM-crippled, proprietary Apple products as prizes. The EPrints package is … Continue reading

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Shield laws, diffuse interests, and collective action

Particularly in the past few years, American journalists have been making noise about the need for a federal shield law. Currently, 33 states plus D.C. have laws to protect journalists from having to reveal privileged source information in court; the … Continue reading

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CopyNight Orlando: coming soon (maybe)

Now that I’ve relocated to Orlando, I’m looking for kindred spirits. I’m considering hosting a CopyNight meet-up, if there’s interest. If you’re in the area, fill out this form so we can get started. Pass it on!

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Why is Mozilla selling out free software?

Promote Firefox, win a Mac full of proprietary software. Wait, what? You do realize that OS X doesn’t even come with Firefox pre-loaded, right? And you do realize that other manufacturers offer laptops pre-loaded with Firefox and Linux, right? So … Continue reading

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Upcoming presentation in Gainesville, Fla.: software as a service

On Wednesday, 16 17 October 2007, I am giving a presentation on “Software as a Service (or, Why I Hate Facebook)”. The presentation is at the GatorLUG meeting at 6 pm at Virtually Cuban (2409 SW 13th St.). I’ll post … Continue reading

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Upcoming presentations in Tallahassee, Fla.

I’m giving a few presentations and appearances during a visit to Tallahassee: I have a poster at Campus & Community Sustainability conference, 14-16 October. I’ll be by the poster during the poster session on Monday, 4:30 – 6 pm, in … Continue reading

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Presentation on Net neutrality at Florida Media Reform Conference

On Saturday, 6 October, I gave a presentation on Net neutrality at the Florida Media Reform Conference. The slides aren’t beautiful, but the presentation seemed to be effective. I’d thought a lot about how to present the topic. “Surely the … Continue reading

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Presentation on open access to Virginia legislature advisory committee

On Monday, 1 October, I gave a presentation on open access journal literature to the Open Education Resources Advisory Committee of the Joint Commission on Technology and Science of the Virginia General Assembly. (In other words: an advisory committee of … Continue reading

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