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GFDL revision: Is there hope for CC interoperability?

I was reminded by the recent release of the new Affero GPL (very welcome news!) of the ongoing revision of another Free Software Foundation license, the GNU Free Documentation License (and its derivative, the Simpler FDL). The GFDL is the … Continue reading

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Short downtime now resolved

The site briefly went down due to my forgetful failure to pay for hosting. Sorry about that. Everything should be back to normal now.

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“Open Access for Dummies”: Count me in

An article in Newsweek this week closes with this suggestion: … Wiley ought to commission “Open Access for Dummies.” Published under a Creative Commons license, naturally. Oddly enough, I’d been thinking of the same idea. So consider this my offer. … Continue reading

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Presentation on Net neutrality in Gainesville, Fla. (late)

I failed to post an announcement in advance, but better late than never: I gave a presentation on Net neutrality on 13 November to the Association of Information Technology Professionals, North Central Florida Chapter in Gainesville, Fla. The slides are … Continue reading

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Anti-spam tools now in effect: Bad Behavior active

The comment spammers recently have started hitting this site hard. This wastes my time on moderating comments and wastes my bandwidth with my host. I’ve installed Bad Behavior to address the problem; hopefully it will help. This shouldn’t inconvenience any … Continue reading

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The Radiohead experiment: factors to consider in pricing

Via Truth Happens, I saw this morning that the average price paid to download Radiohead’s “choose your own price” album, In Rainbows, was about £2.90, or about $6 U.S. In fact, only 40% of downloaders paid anything at all. The … Continue reading

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My C&RL News column on student open access activism

My column for College & Research Libraries News on student activism for open access has just been released. Faculty aren’t the only users of the scholarly communication system. Students also depend on it for their education, research, and to disseminate … Continue reading

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Scholarly societies and open access publishing

In the latest SPARC Open Access Newsletter, Peter Suber posts the results of research with Caroline Sutton on scholarly society publishers with open access journals. At its core is a list of open access journals affiliated with scholarly societies and … Continue reading

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