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Photo used in Music 2.0 book

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Obama now organizing in Florida

I heard an interesting item tonight: now that Florida’s primaries are over, the Obama campaign is coordinating with its supporters in Florida. Apparently, the campaign asked supporters to host election night house parties on the evening of the March 4 … Continue reading

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CopyNight Orlando, Feb. 26: FOSS licensing

The February meeting of CopyNight Orlando will be Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 7 pm at Stardust Video & Coffee (1842 E. Winter Park Rd., Orlando). Our topic for the month is open source licensing — or whatever else comes up. … Continue reading

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Mr. Thatcher, tear down this (pay)wall

From the Chronicle, via Open Access News: Sanford G. Thatcher, director of Penn State University Press and president of the Association of American University Presses, calls Harvard’s [open access] policy “shortsighted” because it might result in the loss of subscription … Continue reading

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(Don’t) Draft Lessig [UPDATE: Yes, do]

Update: The premise of all this is made irrelevant in the announcement video posted at The campaign to draft Larry Lessig to run for Congress in California’s 12th district has grown markedly since I first blogged about it. The … Continue reading

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Echoes from history: W. J. Bryan v. evolution in Florida

Florida is in the midst of a hullabaloo about whether to add evolution explicitly into the state’s teaching standards for science. Sadly, there is opposition, and as you might expect, most of the opposition appears to be premised on religious … Continue reading

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Lessig for Congress — I hope

I didn’t want to say anything about this — after the DailyKos diary, even after Joi blogged it — but now that it’s all over Slashdot (Zittrain jumps in, too), I won’t hold back any longer. Larry Lessig for Congress. … Continue reading

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Harvard faculty say yes to OA

Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences yesterday adopted a mandate for open access to the college’s peer-reviewed research publications. Already, there’s quibbling from others about whether the details of the policy are good or bad. But I want to … Continue reading

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