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FOSS and socially responsible investing

Check out the post at the SFLC blog. I’ve said for some time that free culture is a matter of social responsibility — I think it’s a good frame for the issue, and helps people understand why it matters.

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Hire me

I’m looking to get out of consulting and into a full time office environment. (It gets lonely at home.) I’m interested in opportunities in organizing, outreach, advocacy, or public education on issues in information policy, tech policy, or access to … Continue reading

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Scientometrics and OA

Three mathematics societies have issued a report on scientometrics, cautioning against overreliance on the impact factor. Scientometrics is a very relevant topic to open access: the potential impacts on tenure, funding, and the like seem never to be far from … Continue reading

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Obama on public financing: a “broken system”

See the video where he explains why the campaign is opting out of public financing. With this kind rhetoric, Obama might be setting up to move on campaign finance reform early in his administration…

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My column on NIH policy reprinted — in print

My column on the NIH public access policy, which was published on Science Progress‘ Web site in January, has been reprinted for its Spring-Summer 2008 Print Edition. Grab the beautiful PDF here.

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OA at ALA: How do the chapters fare?

A recent post on Open Access News highlighted the fact that while the American Library Association supports OA as a matter of policy, several of its journals are not themselves OA. I remembered having been shocked that the Florida Library … Continue reading

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Why the Democrats should pass campaign finance reform in ’09

My friend Nelson Pavlosky and I were watching Larry Lessig’s speech at the National Conference for Media Reform — a barn-burner refrain of his recent talks on corruption. Nelson mentioned that Lessig has been affiliated with the Obama campaign, and … Continue reading

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Gratifying positive review of Right to Research campaign

Char Booth, an instruction librarian at Ohio University, has posted a gratifying positive review of SPARC‘s Right to Research campaign (which I developed). Thanks for the kind words, Char! And thanks to Peter Suber for bringing it to my attention. … Continue reading

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