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Under re-construction

I’ve upgraded this blog to the latest version of WordPress per my previous post. It didn’t solve the problem of “hidden” comments (when not logged in), so I’m switching the theme. I’ll be playing around with themes and plugins, so … Continue reading

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Liveblog, ex post facto: Science and human rights

I attended the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition launch event Jan. 14-16 in Washington, D.C.. I was able to take some notes, but not get online to post them at the time; I haven’t gotten around to posting them, … Continue reading

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Sussing out the details on locus of deposit

My previous post on locus of deposit for scholarly self-archiving provoked a few reactions, as I thought it might. Stevan Harnad’s is the most thorough and notable. I think we each missed a few points. Let me make a few … Continue reading

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Hang on, change is coming

Thanks to my readers who’ve emailed to alert me to the problem with displaying comments on the site. It’s not intentional, and I was aware of it. I’m not certain what the problem is, though I figure it’s due either … Continue reading

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Authors: I don’t care where you deposit, just do it

One of the ongoing debates in open access regards the locus of deposit for self-archiving. That is: if researchers are posting a copy of their manuscript to be freely accessible online, where should they post it? The debate is usually … Continue reading

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1 year @ Open Access News

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my work for Open Access News.

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