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Science Next book release in DC

Science Next, an anthology of essays from Science Progress, was released this month by Bellevue Literary Press. The anthology includes my essay on the NIH Public Access Policy, “Public Science”. The Center for American Progress will be hosting a release … Continue reading

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Unchaining the library

Browsing Wikipedia today, I found a page with an intriguing title: chained library: A chained library is a library where the books are attached to their bookcase by a chain, which is sufficiently long to allow the books to be … Continue reading

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Another Tax Day without access to taxpayer-funded research

Today is Tax Day in America, and I’m headed to the post office to pay my dues to Uncle Sam (at the last minute, of course). What do I get for my money? Well, I get free access online to … Continue reading

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Coming soon: More(?) of me running my mouth

I have more than 50 draft posts queued up on this blog. Some are quite old and stale at this point. Obviously, having so many posts in the queue isn’t helping anyone. If they’re to have any impact, I’ve got … Continue reading

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Guest post on 1 year of NIH open access

The NIH Public Access Policy took effect on April 7, 2008. I have a guest post at Science Progress looking at the policy after a year in implementation.

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LOC preserving legal blogs

Following on my recent post about preservation for scholarly blogs (and see Dorothea Salo’s take), today I found this (via techPresident): The Law Library of Congress began harvesting legal blawgs in 2007. The collection has grown to more than one … Continue reading

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