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Cutting carbon doesn’t have to be hard

Generally, I try to keep this blog focused on information policy, but I can’t help myself. I’ve had climate on the brain thanks to Copenhagen, but the confluence of news items that crossed my desk today is striking. Much of … Continue reading

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OA + POD + competition?

Here’s a question I thought of recently. I’ve asked a few smart people and none of them were sure of the answer, either, so: There’s a bit of buzz about OA + POD (open access + print-on-demand) as a model … Continue reading

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Google Books Settlement: Now featuring me

I’ve blogged twice about the Google Books Settlement (here and here), in addition to following it at considerable length on Open Access News. Now, I’m part of it! A footnote in Pamela Samuelson’s objection tipped me off: Most other signatories … Continue reading

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