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Australia gets it right: going beyond just lawyers

From Australia’s Review of the National Innovation System, released last fall: [I]ntellectual property policy is being managed as a legal issue, whereas although this area like any other must operate through the legal system, intellectual property policy is most fundamentally … Continue reading

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LOC preserving legal blogs

Following on my recent post about preservation for scholarly blogs (and see Dorothea Salo’s take), today I found this (via techPresident): The Law Library of Congress began harvesting legal blawgs in 2007. The collection has grown to more than one … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating women in technology

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, a day to call attention to the achievements of women in technology. Despite its stereotype as a field dominated by men, women have made significant contributions to the field of computing since its inception, back … Continue reading

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On jurisdiction; or, letting copyright trump science

Rep. John Conyers has released his response to the widely-circulated open letter by Lawrence Lessig and Michael Eisen criticizing Conyers’ anti-open access bill, H.R. 801. Eisen, Steven Harnad, and Peter Suber have already responded ably to Conyers’ response. There’s one … Continue reading

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How to negotiate a Creative Commons license in a work contract

Michael Mandiberg has written a piece, HOWTO Negotiate a Creative Commons License: Ten Steps, targeted at authors working with commercial publishers. I’ve encountered a similar challenge in a different context: work contracts. Even friendly organizations tend to use legal boilerplate … Continue reading

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Liveblog: TACD IP: Openness

[Kevin Donovan retrieved this post from yesterday, which I had somehow lost. Thanks much!] The next panel is on openness. First up is Konstantinos Karachalios of the European Patent Office. Civility is important. The field is very polarized. Our publication … Continue reading

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Liveblog: TACD IP: Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge

The next panel is on Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge. First is Anne-Catherine Lorrain of Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue. Interoperability should be a public principle. ISP liability: Pressure for filtering solutions (consumer surveillance). Government procurement should require open standards. … Continue reading

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Liveblog: TACD IP: IPR enforcement

The next panel is on IPR enforcement. First is Susan Sell of George Washington University. Forum shifting/institution shifting. Enforcement agenda. ACTA — fear obfuscating details of policy making. Opaque negotiations. Customs and INTERPOL not trained to adjudicate complex legal issues. … Continue reading

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