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Comments on NSF’s Merit Review Criteria

Today, I submitted these comments to the consultation on the National Science Foundation’s Task Force on Merit Review (see). They are provided solely in my personal capacity. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of each criterion? The … Continue reading

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How to improve OJS: a reader’s perspective

Open Journal Systems is a free and open source software package for journal publishing. It’s probably the most widely-deployed platform for publishing open access journals; at least 2,000 journals use OJS. As such, it’s critical infrastructure for the OA movement: … Continue reading

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I’ve been an advocate for freedom in Web services for, well, years now. So I was happy to learn of the launch of open microblogging service recently, and of and its Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network … Continue reading

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FOSS and socially responsible investing

Check out the post at the SFLC blog. I’ve said for some time that free culture is a matter of social responsibility — I think it’s a good frame for the issue, and helps people understand why it matters.

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My latest column on Web apps and FOSS

(I had accidentally posted this in the wrong place earlier; posting it here now.) My new column for Free Software Magazine is titled “Free software vs. software-as-a-service: Is the GPL too weak for the Web?”. It looks at the rise … Continue reading

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Speaking @ Fla. Linux Show on FOSS vs. SaaS

I’m giving a presentation at the Florida Linux Show in Jacksonville on Monday, Feb. 11. My presentation is on Software as a Service: Implications of Web Apps for Software Freedom (a topic I previously ranted about at GatorLUG); it’s at … Continue reading

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FSF to libraries: boycott DRM

Sometimes, different interests of mine will intersect in fascinating ways. Here’s one: the Free Software Foundation’s campaign is asking libraries to boycott DRM, digital restrictions on content the library purchases or subscribes to. Specifically, DbD is targeting the Boston … Continue reading

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EPrints sells out free software: more Apple crippleware prizes

EPrints, the important FOSS open archive project — widely used by open access repositories — is organizing a call for plugins. Unfortunately, EPrints has followed Mozilla’s lead and is awarding DRM-crippled, proprietary Apple products as prizes. The EPrints package is … Continue reading

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