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Why is Mozilla selling out free software?

Promote Firefox, win a Mac full of proprietary software. Wait, what? You do realize that OS X doesn’t even come with Firefox pre-loaded, right? And you do realize that other manufacturers offer laptops pre-loaded with Firefox and Linux, right? So … Continue reading

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Upcoming presentation in Gainesville, Fla.: software as a service

On Wednesday, 16 17 October 2007, I am giving a presentation on “Software as a Service (or, Why I Hate Facebook)”. The presentation is at the GatorLUG meeting at 6 pm at Virtually Cuban (2409 SW 13th St.). I’ll post … Continue reading

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Open access, open education, and FOSS

Update: Here’s a link to the post. On Wednesday, I’ll be guest-blogging at Terra Incognita, the blog for Penn State’s World Campus, as part of its series on FOSS and OERs. The series concept is: a different guest blogger posts … Continue reading

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