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Speaking @ Fla. Linux Show on FOSS vs. SaaS

I’m giving a presentation at the Florida Linux Show in Jacksonville on Monday, Feb. 11. My presentation is on Software as a Service: Implications of Web Apps for Software Freedom (a topic I previously ranted about at GatorLUG); it’s at … Continue reading

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Upcoming presentation in Gainesville, Fla.: software as a service

On Wednesday, 16 17 October 2007, I am giving a presentation on “Software as a Service (or, Why I Hate Facebook)”. The presentation is at the GatorLUG meeting at 6 pm at Virtually Cuban (2409 SW 13th St.). I’ll post … Continue reading

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wget logs are big

I had reason to download a large number of Web pages recursively, for reasons I’ll explain later. To make it work correctly required a lot of trial and error, and so to better understand what was happening, I started running: … Continue reading

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