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AcaWiki launches: free summaries of academic papers

As I reported at Open Access News, AcaWiki launched yesterday. The idea is free (gratis, libre), editable (wiki) summaries of academic papers. These summaries might be useful to scan during a literature review or when studying for a class, or … Continue reading

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Liveblog: TACD IP: Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge

The next panel is on Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge. First is Anne-Catherine Lorrain of Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue. Interoperability should be a public principle. ISP liability: Pressure for filtering solutions (consumer surveillance). Government procurement should require open standards. … Continue reading

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A completely open high school

David Wiley announced yesterday that the Utah Board of Education approved a new charter school, the Open High School of Utah. It’ll be a publicly-funded virtual school which uses exclusively open educational resources. There are a few reasons this is … Continue reading

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Presentation on open access to Virginia legislature advisory committee

On Monday, 1 October, I gave a presentation on open access journal literature to the Open Education Resources Advisory Committee of the Joint Commission on Technology and Science of the Virginia General Assembly. (In other words: an advisory committee of … Continue reading

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Opening education

I’m taking David Wiley‘s Introduction to Open Education class at Utah State University this semester. “But Gavin, didn’t you graduate?” Sure I did. But you’re never too old to learn, and when it comes to open education, I’ve got of … Continue reading

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Open access, open education, and FOSS

Update: Here’s a link to the post. On Wednesday, I’ll be guest-blogging at Terra Incognita, the blog for Penn State’s World Campus, as part of its series on FOSS and OERs. The series concept is: a different guest blogger posts … Continue reading

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