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Happy Open Access Week

In late 2006 or early 2007, I was looking for ways to get students interested in open access. I had started to become versed in the topic myself a few months earlier, after my library announced it planned to cut … Continue reading

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AcaWiki launches: free summaries of academic papers

As I reported at Open Access News, AcaWiki launched yesterday. The idea is free (gratis, libre), editable (wiki) summaries of academic papers. These summaries might be useful to scan during a literature review or when studying for a class, or … Continue reading

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Advice on email for political campaigns

Email addresses are the coin of the realm nowadays in political campaigning. More political efforts — whether candidates, partisan groups, or advocacy organizations — ask for your email address than probably any other piece of contact information. And email addresses … Continue reading

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Age and eligibility for office: a curious intersection of civil rights and democracy

No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years … No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years … No person [...] … Continue reading

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Australia gets it right: going beyond just lawyers

From Australia’s Review of the National Innovation System, released last fall: [I]ntellectual property policy is being managed as a legal issue, whereas although this area like any other must operate through the legal system, intellectual property policy is most fundamentally … Continue reading

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Guest post on 1 year of NIH open access

The NIH Public Access Policy took effect on April 7, 2008. I have a guest post at Science Progress looking at the policy after a year in implementation.

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On making sausage: the NIH policy becomes permanent

Update. I want to reiterate a few points for clarity. This post, and everything on this blog, represents my opinion alone, not that of my clients. I did not write this post at their behest nor am I adding this … Continue reading

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On jurisdiction; or, letting copyright trump science

Rep. John Conyers has released his response to the widely-circulated open letter by Lawrence Lessig and Michael Eisen criticizing Conyers’ anti-open access bill, H.R. 801. Eisen, Steven Harnad, and Peter Suber have already responded ably to Conyers’ response. There’s one … Continue reading

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