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Openness to protect human subjects in research

The Department of Health and Human Services recently published a proposal to update the federal regulations that govern research on human subjects. It’s a very interesting proposal with a lot of potential changes on the table, and has received more … Continue reading

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Florida State University adopts open access resolution

I’m pleased to announce that tonight, Florida State University’s faculty senate unanimously adopted a resolution supporting open access. (I’ve been a M.S. student in the School of Library & Information Studies since 2010; unfortunately, I didn’t know about this effort … Continue reading

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NSF Should Not Remove Dissemination from Merit Criteria

Since my prior post about the National Science Foundation’s consultation on its merit review criteria, NSF released a proposed set of revised criteria which aim to clarify and simply the criteria and their purpose. Unfortunately, the revised criteria would remove … Continue reading

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Comments on NSF’s Merit Review Criteria

Today, I submitted these comments to the consultation on the National Science Foundation’s Task Force on Merit Review (see). They are provided solely in my personal capacity. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of each criterion? The … Continue reading

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Happy Open Access Week

In late 2006 or early 2007, I was looking for ways to get students interested in open access. I had started to become versed in the topic myself a few months earlier, after my library announced it planned to cut … Continue reading

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AcaWiki launches: free summaries of academic papers

As I reported at Open Access News, AcaWiki launched yesterday. The idea is free (gratis, libre), editable (wiki) summaries of academic papers. These summaries might be useful to scan during a literature review or when studying for a class, or … Continue reading

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The case for plagiarism

There’s been a recent tiffle about alleged plagiarism in the dissertation of a student who is now a university president. In this case, the entire research design is borrowed from an earlier study, which the author acknowledges and cites: [T]his … Continue reading

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Science Next book release in DC

Science Next, an anthology of essays from Science Progress, was released this month by Bellevue Literary Press. The anthology includes my essay on the NIH Public Access Policy, “Public Science”. The Center for American Progress will be hosting a release … Continue reading

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